Initially I chose to look at 118 because of the friendly advertisement on Spare room. I specifically only looked at places where their was an emphasis on being social and getting on with the flatmates. Other places being advertised were very ‘estate-agenty’. Having moved around a lot in London, I simply didn’t look at those adverts.

Having visited and met the housemates it seemed like a great fit. Another necesary step is having a good chat with people youre going to live with (and gave me the impression that once in, I could also have a say with new housemates). And it has lived up to expectations! Perfect houseshare, lots of fun and everyone’s become a good friend.

The house is lovely, functional and inexpensive. Everything works and when there’s a problem, you fix it straightaway! You’re a world away from landlords I’ve had previously, who sometimes didn’t even respond to messages or phone calls about maintenance issues. By far the best landlord I’ve had (and I think this is true for the flatmates as well). It was great to meet you and sort out the bills in person.

“Having a private landlady like Liz makes everything a lot easier as she is hands on enough to get problems fixed but lets us get on the rest of the time. Being able to have a say in who moves in makes the house work a lot better as we can ensure we’ll get on. All in all gradshare made the move the easiest it could possibly be!

I was first attracted to the house when it was one of the only ads that actually talked about the housemates. I felt welcome straight away which was so helpful having moved to a new city where I knew no-one. The house was exactly as it is in the photos, very modern and comfortable!”



If you are looking for a quiet house what is close to the center then Liz’s houses are the best. Post offices, supermarkets, gym & swimming pool and parks, the main bus lines are all very close what I found amazing as it’s difficult to find a location plus a good house on a good price where you have everything you would need.

The house is cosy, very well equipped and provides enough privacy and communal space where you can live comfortably! Also, a cleaner helps with housework that is extremely useful! Whenever we needed Liz’s help she was always there for us and fixed immediately anything we needed. The garden is also well maintained where you can relax with the housemates and it’s always good to have a place where you can go out even you don’t want to leave your base! I found this house was one of the best deals I made in my life and I wish all landlords and landlady would be like Liz!